The Magento 2 with turbo

Powerful and Ultrafast

Based on Magento 2 with Progressive
Web App technology from Vue StoreFront
and an advanced internal research.

Extremely Modular

PIMcore and CRM vtenext are natively
integrated, it’s possible an integration
on any ERP or third party system.

Reliable and Scalable

The cloud hosting for Magento 2
guarantees great performance and
zero blackout even in high traffic scenarios

From a System integration team to Magento 2 specialists

ITTweb was born in 2000 from the synergy of 2 systems engineers with more then 10 years of experience, curious and passionate about tech, software development and system integration. At the end of 2008 the real revolution took place! We decided to bet on Magento eCommerce platform and on VTECRM. This path led us, in 2019, to create Magesquared: a homogeneous ecosystem that allows to integrate ERP, CRM, PIM in a consistent and scalable way including third party system required by the project. Our capabilities on system integrators and the ongoing process of transformation and innovation are the further benefits of the company which is vertical on the development of eCommerce projects based on Magento 2 and a Progressive Web App (PWA) technology.

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Technology stack

Discover about the technologies we use to develop your project.

Magento 2

Chosen by the major eCommerce companies of the current market, it is a robust, modular and user friendly platform that allows a multi-store management.

Vue Storefront

It’s the frontend solution that allows to build a responsive, ultra-fast and offline ready website, thanks to PWA and AMP technologies.


It’s the CRM that allows you to manage your business process through BPM and Marketing Automation.


It is the software that allows the enrichment of all the product information on different channels, both online and offline.


It’s the smart search for eCommerce that works like Google: it’s multilingual, tolerates errors, it has the "Did you mean…" function and filters all results.

Accela Search

It’s a Search engine for eCommerce with super innovative features, targeted analytics, modern and clear layer that gives a fluid and intuitive user experience.

A certified know-how

Every day we invest in training and certification in our team to guaranteeing a distinctive value to our customers' projects.


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