Vue Storefront

Mobile first eCommerce

№1 open source PWA for eCommerce

Like a normal native app, PWAs also have the ability to interact with the user via push notifications. The UX is well thought out and engaging: they look like native applications installed on the device. Using the cache, allows to keep every resource in memory, allows to avoid completely the dependence of the network, guaranteeing an immediate and remarkable user experience. Being websites, PWAs can be indexed by various search engines thus solving the problem of availability.  In a market where 60% of the world traffic is generated by mobile devices, Progressive Web App technology is definitely the best choice to develop an online store. By choosing PWA, end users and merchants enjoy the many advantages: a working offline website and with zero downtime, responsive and is also possible to install the app without going through the marketplace. With Vue Storefront you can connect your online store to different systems such as PIM, ERP and CRM software using APIs.

The advantages of Vue Storefront

  • Incredible Performances
  • Push Notification
  • For any Device
  • Agnostic, Open Source
  • Offline Ready
  • APIs Integration
  • SEO Result-Proof
  • Headless Architecture

How it works?

Thanks to the latest JavaScript functionality, the PWA store is ultra-fast because it loads completely since the first visit. Install the app on the home screen of your smartphone without going through the Play / App Store. Impressive performance thanks to a loading time of a few milliseconds (at least 5 times faster than current technologies), responsive design, regular and flexible checkout process.

Relevant advantages also for SEO

With Vue Storefront PWA it is also possible to enable the offline mode, during the the back-end update and in presence of slow networks. The advantages in terms of SEO are also really relevant, each eCommerce invests a lot to be in line with the SEO rules that make it fit well on Google. And here comes the best part: a store developed with PWA technology has a positive influence on SEO results. Google stimulates the use of Progressive Web Apps giving them a higher ranking. In fact, Google index mobile devices first. The stores developed with PWA are super fast, easy to use and responsive to any device ... in a few words, Google likes them. Unlike a native app, all the pages of a PWA site are indexed and the user has the same app-like feeling.

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