Accela Search

Accela Search is the search engine for eCommerce with innovative features like targeted analytics, modern and clear layer that offers a user experience fluid and intuitive.

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The most innovative search engine for eCommerce

Accela Search is the innovative search engine for eCommerce that puts users and merchants in agreement. Do you know why?

The user wants to quickly find the desired object and add it to the cart, while the merchant looks for a tool that is easy to implement, self-service and full of analytics.

Conceived mobile first, Accela Search revolutionizes the purchasing process, allowing the user to purchase directly from the search results.

The intuitive layer, entirely realized in React, optimizes the user experience, increasing exponentially the percentage of impulse purchases and consequently, the conversion rate of the store.


How does Accela Search work?

Are you looking for a pair of jeans in the eCommerce you prefer?

Accela Search, in real time, finds all the consistent results, even in the presence of mistyping errors. In fact, the search engine tolerates errors, phonetic similarities, synonyms, returning consistent always results in more than 30 languages.

And if you do not want to type, you can speak directly with Accela Search.

The engine is already born with the integrated vocal search, which can be activated by pressing the microphone icon.

Can you integrate Accela Search with your custom eCommerce CMS? Sure! Through the APIs.

Our experience derived from cVetta

Accela Search lays its foundation in the long experience matured on cVetta.

cVetta was the field of research and development from which we started to create a new search engine for eCommerce suitable for an increasingly demanding international market.

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