Work method

We develop high quality softwares and guarantee speed, efficiency and security. Our main goal is to see our customers satisfied. We are ready to handle any project, big or small.



The production process

Our software development process uses consolidated working methods resulting from continuous improvements over the years.

Our team is ready to adapt to sudden changes as well as adhere to planning; we prefer collaboration and constant relationship with the client; we aim to produce simple and technically advanced code to minimize documentation and improve our customers' usability.



1. Analysis of Requirements


Firstly, we acquire the requirements of the project. We discover the peculiarities of your business and discuss your needs. Once we understand the conditions and scenarios, we allocate the team of developers that fit your purposes.





2. Planning

We create a project document and divide the activities into well-defined and measurable tasks. We schedule regular meetings to better set up your current activities and resolve upcoming problems.




3. Design e Development

Once the planning is over, the design and development phase begins. We organize regular meetings to report on the tasks completed since the last meeting, establish what we need to do until the next meeting and discuss current issues.




4. Test & Go Live

Before the project is released, we perform a final user acceptance test (UAT). When all the bugs are correct, your project is ready to be launched.