CRM Solution

Would you like to manage all company informations with a single software?

The solution is CRM, thanks to which information, flows and business processes are at your fingertips at any time.

On the same platform you can coordinate all the operations of Marketing, Sales, Assistance, Quality and Human Resources.

What is a CRM?

It is the software that par excellence optimizes the management of commercial activities, coordinated marketing campaigns and customer assistance.

These activities are increasingly coordinated between departments and different company figures in order to work in a more efficient and complementary way, putting your customer at the center of all business process.

vtenext has thus introduced a process management engine, which makes it possible to map all the flows involving the customer into the CRM, assigning tasks and activities automatically to all the people that are involved.

Thanks to the simple and intuitive configuration interface, vtenext allows you to customize all the fields of existing modules and create new ones according to your needs.

On a practical level, how does vtenext work?

Let's start with an example:

We assume that we need to automate the whole process of managing a lead, starting from a Form compiled on the Internet, with profiling leads, assigning it to the sales department according to the indicated interest, accompanied by an automatic reply to the user.
The contact that has been forwarded to the salesman, has active an execution timer at the expiration of which, if the lead has not been managed, automatically reassign the lead to a colleague.

Here vtenext intervenes carrying out the activities of Marketing Automation, starting from the first email campaign, proceeding with the lead nurturing through a path managed through the processes that interacts with the lead according to its responses to e-mails and once "mature" is automatically assigned to a salesman.


All these activities, if carried out manually by the various operational figures involved, often do not produce the expected results more for a lack of coordination and timeliness in management.

vtenext instead allows you to automate and speed up the whole process, without losing hot leads and sales opportunities thus maximizing the results of a campaign.

Why Automate?

Automating business processes is the strength of vtenext.

The vtenext BPM engine allows you to design any business process and manage it in a simple and effective way, bringing the following benefits to the whole structure:

  • substantial reduction of human errors in the execution of the procedures;
  • greater speed of execution of the tasks and therefore speed of service to the customer;
  • execution of simple or complex procedures in a certain and standardized way;
  • complete monitoring of the entire operating cycle by identifying the status of each individual phase
  • possibility of notification and verification of any "bottlenecks" in the organization;
  • reduction of learning time for new procedures and therefore greater dynamism and flexibility;
  • increasingly inbound marketing approach
  • greater interaction between the various company BUs

Flexibility, hierarchical access and tracing to every single content, make vtenext the ideal tool for the Operative Presidium of the flows foreseen for the GDPR.

Our experience and professionalism in this field has led us, in over 8 years of collaboration with vtenext, to become their biggest Master Partner.

We have created and distributed:

  • Certified Integration Module for Zucchetti Ad-Hoc Revolution
  • Certified Integration Module for MailChimp
  • Non-Conformance Management and Tracing Process (Modules + BPMN) - Quality System
  • Personnel Management and Tracking Process (Modules + BPMN) - GDPR
  • Process of Management and Tracking of Contractual obligations (Modules + BPMN) - GDPR