Digital Marketing

To contribute to the success of an eCommerce, you need to plan all the activities related to a digital marketing strategy.

What are the objectives of an eCommerce site?

All online stores have the same goal: to increase visitor traffic and increase the conversion rate.

In one word, sell.

Before reaching the conversion, the user must be engaged through digital marketing activities (for example with advertising, retargeting, newsletters, etc.). In addition, the online store must be able to win the trust of the user and create a connection with the brand. All these activities are part of an eCommerce's broader digital marketing strategy.

At ITTweb, we do not just give you a turnkey eCommerce project, we provide also our marketing department continuous consultancy.

Digital Marketing in ITTweb

Analytics, website optimization with vertical SEO activities, increase in visitor's traffic, advertising campaigns, email marketing, strategic management of social channels, are all activities that the online store needs to grow and increase sales.

Thanks to the ITTweb digital marketing department, the relationship is direct and there are no intermediaries between the site manager, the web agency and the client / partner.

This "one to one" relationship allows us to fulfill our customers' wishes quickly and efficiently.

The digital marketing department operates strategically respecting the needs of our partners.

SEO optimization follows a precise strategy and is implemented on the site, on images and videos and on social channels.

Each project brings with it challenges that we like to fight and win. Increasing the number of conversions from organic traffic is complex and articulated as it is based on the constantly evolving search engines algorithm.

And the Content Marketing?

We really like the statement "Content is the King". We train the client to understand how much potential there is in the content: even a product sheet can make the difference.

Content is a fundamental part of the success of a SEO strategy. From the keyword study we create ad hoc texts optimized for search engines.

With a view to lead generation and increased traffic on the site, we plan display campaigns and search advertising in the various digital channels, AdWords, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.