vtenext the CRM with a BPM heart

Say goodbye to difficult business processes.

With the BPM engine you can design and implement processes without having strong technical skills.

You can design the modules independently thanks to the tools offered by vtenext.

What do we mean when we talk about BPM?

BPM or Business process management is the set of activities for the definition, the optimization and the integration of business processes. Thanks to BPM, the company manages business projects more fluidly, quickly and efficiently.

vtenext is the first open source software with a native and integrated BPM engine.

What advantages does it have? It allows a considerable automation of the management and monitoring processes of the classic CRM modules (Sales, Marketing, After Market, Project).

Thanks to BPM you can design and implement business processes in a simple way. vtenext's BPM is very intuitive, with advanced features for drawing and coloring the flow chart.

In fact, the BPM graphics engine combined with the tool to independently design new modules, making vtenext an application with unlimited use.

Why choose ITTweb?

We are the largest vtenext Master Partner.

It is no coincidence that our team of experts is focused on optimizing business processes, taking full advantage of the potential offered by the vtenext BPM engine.

Our professionalism is the result of years of experience gained in different sectors and businesses.

This has allowed us to develop and consolidate a wide range of knowledge on the real organizational needs of customers, ranging from the world of technological services, to industrial production (chemistry, automotive, pharmaceutical, mechanical), from traditional and online commerce to architecture, from plant to service centers.

How is ITTweb different?

Our consultants are very close to the customer and his needs.


Helping him with constant training to map and draw within vtenext all the flows that his company needs.

The advice that we at ITTweb propose is aimed at making the company independent in the use of BPM. This is why we assist the customer both at the company and remotely.