IoT Functionality

With vtenext CRM Open Source, you enter in the "Internet of Things" universe. Connect your machinery and equipment to the network.

Entra nel mondo IoT con vtenext CRM

Thanks to the Open Source IoT module you can connect any equipment and / or machinery on the network and easily dominate the world of "Internet of Things".

With the BPM heart of vtenext you can make a connection between a gateway or an IoT sensor and the appropriate EVENT in the IoT module of vtenext, thus triggering the BPM processes you have built with the CRM.

Through the sensors all the objects are "recognizable" and thanks to vtenext they become "intelligent" because they are able to monitor all events in real time.

These events are historicized and can trigger alarms (triggers) to vtenext that intercepts them through the BPM flows that each company will have freely customized with its rules.

With the BPM module it is possible to draw and define the processes, risk or performance indicators, add qualitative and quantitative elements, information on the actors and the applications involved according to the company needs.

Vtenext IoT module does its best in particular in ​​assistance and maintenance area.

With the integration with vtenext, IoT's machines and devices communicate directly with customers and with service assistance as established by the company, thanks to the channeling of real events in CRM management flows.

vtenext IoT