Marketing Automation

It's incredible, with vtenext you can optimize time and resources.

Manage marketing campaigns by automating processes.

Do you know that VTENEXT has also thought about marketing?

One of the main strengths that the market recognizes to vtenext are the marketing tools.

Manage and monitor your campaigns from the conception phase to the detailed analysis of results thanks to advanced reporting tools.

What is the advantage? In a single tool, you have maximum control over generated leads and you can structure their optimal management to successfully achieve sales and revenue growth.


In fact, the BPM heart of vtenext allows you to automate all marketing processes, optimizing time, resources and therefore results.

What can you do with vtenext?
  • Creation of customer targets based on certain clustering criteria
  • Creation of campaigns aimed at specific targets
  • User profiling based on behavior and type
  • Web campaign management through the creation of webform
  • Management of negotiations arising from the campaigns
  • Manage campaigns from the lead to the commercial offer
  • Display notifications regarding status changes and change log
  • ROI management and campaign progress reports
  • Event management
  • Monitoring of user behavior
  • Fast communication in response to customer requests
  • Sharing calendar and documentation with all team members