cVetta is the search engine that for years has been helping eCommerce to improve results.

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A tested and effective product for your eCommerce

Do you know that a dissatisfied user translates into a lost user?

When the user does not find what he is looking for, he immediately leaves the eCommerce site.

What is the consequence? Loss of potential customer and turnover.

For years, cVetta reduces this phenomenon, thanks to intelligent research. In short, cVetta works like Google, but inside an eCommerce site.

If you search for an article in the search bar, you get the desired result.

All this is possible because cVetta is distinguished by features such as: fault tolerance, management of synonyms, speed, error correction, function "maybe you were looking for", stop words, multilingual and "facet" of the results.

In addition, the customizable interface allows the merchant to make changes that are more similar to his preferences.

Natively integrated on Magento and Prestashop, it is also available for CMS in third parties.

Do not lose your potential customers anymore and aim to optimize your search in your online store.

Accela Search

The new research entirely redesigned. The future starts now

Years of research on cVetta and ambition towards international markets, have produced their fruits: Accela Search.

We wanted a search engine for eCommerce to respond exactly to users' browsing needs and to the merchant's practical needs.

Accela Search represents a concept of an enterprise search engine.

The future is based on solid foundations. Thanks to the revolutionary features, Accela Search guarantees very fast and consistent performances.

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