Our path was born in 2000 and evolves daily. We have rode avant-garde technologies, conceiving and developing customer-friendly projects. Our formula is a perfect relationship between innovation, strategy and passion.

I.T.&T. was born

I.T. & T. is born from the synergy of qualified system engineers and programmers with

more of ten-year experience, with the aim of providing advice for

Information Technology and the "Telecommunications" of the third millennium.


Virtualization platforms with Xen

We create the first Xen-based cluster virtualization platform for SCM GROUP SPA - FONDERIE SCM.

The platform will be used as a basis for hosting the new Web management software we have created integrated with the ERP FUSION / 400.

VoIP platform in Open Source technology

We build our famous Centralinux® VoIP platform

Asterisk® Open Source software. Centralinux is born on premise but can

be virtualized on environments such as VMware®.


We become an NTS partner

With a view to expanding the range of proposed solutions, I.T. & T. chooses NTS and in particular Business software as a solution to be offered to its customers and as a product to be integrated with other technologies.

We become Zucchetti partners

Continuing the path of expansion, we choose Zucchetti as a Partner

leader of the Italian market with a range of products that goes

from the ERP world for companies and professionals, up to the HR world.


CRM projects in Open Source technology

In order to provide our customers with a solution for organizing contact information and managing relationships and interactions with current and potential customers, we choose VTiger and then move on to the evolution of VTECRM as a CRM solution, in partnership with CRMVILLAGE.BIZ.


B2B / B2C MAGENTO ECommerce projects

I.T. & T. decides to use MAGENTO Community as a platform for

eCommerce standards for the realization of its B2C / B2B projects,

integrated with the ERP Business NTS and Zucchetti AdHoc Revolution.



We open up to the foreign market

In the perspective of internationalization of its products, I.T. & T. decides to open a branch in Malta, a country that encourage companies with high technological value: ITTweb LTD is born.


The marketing department is born

Given the growing importance of the Internet as a sales channel, I.T. & T.

opens a Business Unit dedicated to Digital Marketing to offer

a completely turnkey solution to its customers.


CVetta is born, a search engine for eCommerce

Starting from the embryonic project of an integrated search engine for

YOUBUY.it, we develop the idea of ​​developing a product internally

that can improve the internal search for eCommerce. cVetta is born.

We focus in CRM, eCommerce, cloud

In the process of rationalizing the services offered, we reorganize them into

4 Business Units representing ITTweb's present and future core business. with

this focus I.T. & T. SRL consolidates its image with ITTweb LTD, ITTweb Group is created.

From CRM to process management (BPM)

VTECRM implements a Business Process Management engine becoming the first Open Source

product in the market to have CRM + BPM. Thanks to vtenext, it is possible to switch to

a new paradigm that allows customers to design their own processes independently.


cVetta evolves, Accela Search is born


Starting from the experience of cVetta, we decided to re-engineer the product with a new engine, new features in terms of advanced analytics and state-of-the-art research experience, using the best technologies on the market. Accela Search is born.

Constantly Evolving