We develop turnkey B2B and B2C eCommerce projects in Magento 2 and Storeden.

We connect your eCommerce with ERP, CRM and we offer hosting solution and digital marketing strategies. What Else?

Experience and professionalism

An eCommerce project must be considered and analyzed in detail and there are no formulas that are good for everyone. Every customer has different needs.

For 20 years we have been responding to customers' doubts and requests regarding the opening or migration of eCommerce sites.

Merchant have to make all decisions and it’s not so easly, especially if they’re dealing with an eCommerce project for the first time. Sometimes merchant are undecided between selling in dropshipping or having a warehouse.

In ITTweb we develop B2B and B2C turnkey projects and we help you to better understand what it means to open an online shop guiding you in every phase of the project.

We start by defining the best solution for hosting the site, the server that hosts the eCommerce makes the difference especially in times of peak traffic on the site.

Our cloud hosting is specific to the virtualization needs of eCommerce and guarantees many advantages in terms of flexibility / scalability and security.

The choice of the platform to develop the online shop is always taken from the perspective of the customer's needs.

 It depends on many variables, for example the size of the store, the type of products sold, the sector, the target audience, the catalog. We develop our projects with Magento 2 and Storeden.

The two platforms respond to different needs and complexity.

The study of UX / UI design is important to give to the site structure the best browsing experience and the aesthetic aspect most suited to the brand.

The online store must be connected to all company services through the extentions.

We integrate the shop with ERP solutions, CRM, all other third-party services, couriers, pick-up services, marketplaces and price comparators.

Thanks to our team of certified developers on Magento, we have created modules for integration with NTS Business NET and Business CUBE, Systems eSOLVER, Icecat, Trovaprezzi, Google Shopping, fermopoint, RMA.

All phases of the project are rigorously tested to make the site work as a mockup.

Giving a turnkey project to the customer means delivering a working site. In this phase we apply the digital marketing strategy decided on the basis of the KPIs to be reached and the budget to invest.

A turnkey eCommerce allows you to work in a customer centric way, using CRM business flows with marketing activities targeted to your target audience. Thanks to the integration with Mailchimp you can immediately create lead generation campaigns, lead nurturing, promotions on groups of customers, and much more.

Why should you choose ITTweb to create an eCommerce?

Get an all in one solution that includes:

  • Strategic consultancy
  • Information architecture and wireframing
  • Visual concept and Graphic Design
  • Magento® development
  • Development of additional services and features (extensions)
  • System Integration
  • Hosting and Cloud
  • Digital Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Training

From hosting to eCommerce, from ERP and CRM integration to digital marketing, we can follow all the steps of your online store.

A single interlocutor that can solves all your problems.