With vtenext your customers are central. Manage workflows and automate process. Do this and much more with a single tool: the CRM with a BPM heart.

Efficient management with just one tool: vtenext

The vtenext engine allows you to manage all process, by mapping the CRM, all the workflows that involve customers by delegating some activities to the dedicated people in a completely automatic way.

vtenext is a solid tool that can give a wide range of solutions and functionalities.

Not only CRM but also IoT, BPM, GDPR and Marketing Automation.

vtenext can brings you in the IoT world giving you the possibility of interact with connected machinery and objects.

But vtenext is not limited to this: thanks to an intuitive configuration interface allows you to customize all the existing form fields and create new ones according to business needs. Automating the process is one of the major benefits of adopting vtenext.

With an user friendly graphic editor you can drawn your own business process with vtenext Process Manager. 

vtenext is also GDPR compliant so you can easily manage data and informations in total respect of GDPR.

Reduce waste of time and resources by optimizing process with the BPM engine of vtenext.

So what you are waiting for? vtenext awaits you!


Qualified ITTweb Consultancy

ITTweb can offer a qualified training on vtenext due to our team of expert.

Our experience and professionalism is the results of more than 8 years of collaboration with vtenext, during which we became their biggest Master Partner.

Our partnership help us to develop:

  • Certificated module of integration for Zucchetti Ad-Hoc Revolution
  • Certificated module of integration for MailChimp
  • Certificated module of integration for MAGNEWS
  • Non-Conformance Management and Tracing Process (Modules + BPMN) - Quality System
  • Personnel Management and Tracking Process (Modules + BPMN) - GDPR
  • Process of Management and Tracking of Contractual obligations (Modules + BPMN) - GDPR