Thanks to ITTweb VoIP fax solution, you can send faxes via e-mail (e-mail to fax) with any e-mail client, attaching documents and inserting receiver's fax numbers in the message body.


    Do you know VoIPFAX? You can easily send faxes online.

    All the faxes that you recieve from any sender are directly delivered into your inbox (fax to e-mail).

    The advantages of VOIPFAX, the VoIP fax solution of ITTweb, are:

    • Economical: reduce paper and fax devices, with a reduction on the electricity bill. An enviroment-friendly choice. And you say goodbye to your national carrier fees.
    • Documents Archive: You can read, print or archive your faxes as a mail.
    • Immediate: send and receive faxes directly from your e-mail client.
    • Always available: Send and receive fax wherever you are.
    • Privacy compliant: faxes and notifications are sent only to you.
    • Scalable: Thanks to VoIP technology you can activate as many numbers and lines as you want in few minutes.
    • Fax Marketing: Send broadcast communications in a simple and quick way, real time or scheduling it.
    • Easy integration: with any software (CRM, Groupware/collaboration Suite, etc...)