CRM Mailchimp Module

The official vtenext plug-in for MailChimp, developed to allow vtenext to exploit the full power of the most famous e-mail marketing platform in the world.

Here is the ITTweb Module to integrate vtenext with Mailchimp

Prepare your Targets on vtenext (they will be synchronized as tags in your Mailchimp list), plan your campaigns on Mailchimp and all the data will then be imported and stored on the CRM.

With the new reporting tools and the vtenext BPM engine you can analyze all data and design your Marketing Automation processes.

Here are some of the features of the plugin:

  • Creation and synchronization of the Mailchimp list with vtenext master data
  • Automatic creation and synchronization of custom registry fields from vtenext to Mailchimp
  • Creating static tags in the Mailchimp list, based on the vtenext target set
  • Synchronizing Mailchimp campaigns to vtenext
  • Synchronize the statistics of the Mailchimp campaigns to vtenext
  • Linking the target to the campaign
  • Fully graphical module configuration
  • Possibility to connect multiple Mailchimp accounts